When getting the oil changed, or if doing it yourself, check the oil and fuel filters. If they look dirty, either replace them or clean them out. These two filters help keep your car running smoothly.

Let the body compound dry and then sand the area flat to create an even surface to paint on. Next, apply to primer to the scratch and give it time to dry.

If you stand in your garage with your To-Do list and look around you can pick out the specific actions you need to take. Write those actions down, pick a starting point and get going.

After you drain the old oil into your drain pan, you will need to take it to a collection center for proper disposal. This will be your local service station, auto parts near me or probably wherever you bought the oil. Here is a guide and location finder to find the center nearest to you. Its always free and its simple, they will have a barrel, you just dump the oil in, it will take minutes.

car parts near me I guess I went through a little mini-renaissance. I stepped up my visits to the gym, grew my hair and bought a bunch of cute clothes. closest auto parts store to me commented that “I glowed.” Yeah. Getting out from under that draining relationship brought me back to life.

Next you will need to get under the car in order to place the belt on the crankshaft. You should be able to get underneath the car without the use of jacks or jack stands. However, if you must lift the car make sure to do some on a level surface with the parking brake engaged.

autoparts I used the kit, which is all contained in a silvery colored bag and it will treat two headlights. It includes small sheets of sandpaper, two kinds of chemical pouches, gloves, and applicator cloths. The most important part of the kit is the directions page. It is extremely important that you follow the directions, step by step. I’ve underlined and emphasized this due to the “guy thing” of rushing into a project without really reading the instructions closely.

Grave Digger is the most popular monster truck of all-time. The original was created by superstar Dennis Anderson back in 1981. Today, there are six Grave Digger trucks. That’s impressive considering that each one costs over $250,000 to build and needs $100,000 worth of spare parts.